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Colorado Federal Savings Bank. Because internet-only banks do not have branches, they are able to pass along their cost savings to you in the form of higher interest rates. Terms from 6 months to 6 years. Valenta 17 July at 6:

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Updated January 2, If you are looking for a better yield on your savings, a high rate CD (certificate of deposit) offered by an online bank could be a good option.

You work hard for your money - make sure you place your trust in a banking institution that deserves and appreciates your business. Wells Fargo Bank is a financial institution providing high yield savings accounts, CDs, interest checking accounts and other banking products. We recommend contacting Wells Fargo Bank for a more in-depth list of different types of bank accounts.

Do You Represent A Bank? About BankAround BankAround is easiest way on the Internet for consumers to compare, share, and discover online banking services. BankAround is not a depository or financial institution, and is neither affiliated with any financial service providers identified herein nor responsible for the services or products advertised thereby. BankAround does it's best in trying to ensure rates for all of our listings such as high yield savings accounts and high yield reward checking are accurate.

Rates are subject to change without notice. The rate information on this page is powered by Informa Research Services, Inc. You usually need to meet some membership criteria in order to get in and get access to all of their really nice products. These credit unions, however, will let you in for free regardless of your personal details. Only two credit unions met our criteria for this list.

Unify FCU offers the highest interest rates on CDs which it calls share certificates of any credit union with no cost to join. The interest rate on their month CD, for example, is 1. Furthermore, these credit union CD rates offer some of the highest-returning share certificates out of any category. Keep in mind that these organizations may request fees.

Their early withdrawal penalty is 90 days interest. PenFed has an outstanding APY of 2. Interest is compounded daily and posts to accounts monthly. However, be aware of the steep early withdrawal penalty. If you withdraw funds before the year is up, you may forfeit all interest accrued up to that point. Eligibility for this credit union is mainly based on military status, governmental employment status, affiliation with certain associations and organizations or relation to eligible members.

The Connexus Association assists educational institutions by providing scholarships and financial information. You can also become a member if you are an employee or retiree of certain organizations, related to existing Alliant members, or live or work in qualifying communities. You need to be a government employee or contractor, a member of the military, reserve, or National Guard, or affiliated with a number of organizations listed on their website among other options.

However, if you do qualify for membership, you could earn an APY of 2. Redstone FCU has compounding and non-compounding certificates, which allow you to have the option to withdraw interest earned or not throughout the term of the certificate. Eastman Credit Union also has pretty restrictive membership requirements. Eastman CU is another one of the rare credit unions that allow you to withdraw your dividends penalty-free before the maturity date, although again, doing so will lower your total returns.

Currently, you can earn an interest rate of 2. You need to live in certain areas of Ohio, be associated with Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, or be an employee of their select employer group , among other options. There are many ways to join Delta Community CU, such as living in certain parts of Georgia, being a member of one of their select employers, or being a member of one of their partner organizations. Interestingly, citizens of many countries like Argentina, France, and Peru are also eligible to join.

Delta Community CU used to be the lowest-earning credit union on our list, but recently increased the APY on this product from 1. Banks are more likely to call their products certificates of deposit, while credit unions often refer to them as share certificates.

Aside from the name, the biggest difference between the two is that credit unions have higher average annual percentage yields APYs than traditional banks, as of September It means more money back in your pocket when the CD matures i. For the most part, choosing a CD at a bank or a credit union boils down to your preference as a consumer: Do you want to be a bank customer or a member of a credit union?

The biggest advantage of credit union CDs over bank CDs is that you can likely earn more interest. But with both products, the longer the CD term, the more interest you will earn. And with a CD laddering strategy , you can have the best of both worlds: Lindsay VanSomeren is a writer at MagnifyMoney. You can email Lindsay here. CD rates , credit unions , savings.

You can get an IRA CD with terms ranging from three months to more than six years, with interest rates generally increasing with the term length. On January 7, , we sorted the products by APY, then eliminated institutions with a health rating below a B.

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