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There is no way of availing that if the customer has already spent more than the product cost on delivery arrangements. It also offers a large inventory of books in English.

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Search Online Furniture Design in Pakistan at and contact the Sellers. is an online platform aimed at providing an easy access to a .

And umm, Pakistani bhi tou hain na! The slightly more expensive items from the packages were being sold at a higher price, for profit. With the number of queries that Talha was getting, he decided to put up a Facebook post. Since a lot of people are now asking details about this picture and stall so here is the story.

A friend of mine…. Except this time the money is yours and the gifts include electrical and kitchen appliances, not barbie pencil cases, and dolls. This is a common practice all around the world and even companies like Amazon partake in it since the cost of returning parcels is more than simply discarding them. This mail does not belong to Pakistan Post, addresses are not for Pakistani customers, seems these have been purchased from out of the country as refused articles and then imported as second hand material.

Now that you have proof and official word on the legitimacy of this, what do you think? Have you been to the stall? Tell us in the comments. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. By Fareeha Akhtar 16 Sep, Amazon is a large reputable corporation. It also offers a large inventory of books in English. Amazon will deliver in one week. Too many shady people do business on eBay. It is not really a retail online store. Wouldn't it be cheaper to source goods from next door? While the product may look attractive at retail price listed, its the hidden charges, shipping costs and taxes which will make it an unattractive and expensive purchase - unless you must have it, and there is no alternative.

Check the total cost at check out, before paying for the item. Even within the U. Karachi Customs asked me to pay Rs. Customs is very tricky there are atleast 5 different taxes All across the world Amazon is promising same day delivery and here we are talking about a week?

Make it a month, if it comes at a lower price. Delivered in a week???? This idea will fail miserably in Pakeestan. Taxes, lost packages, theft by customs, and you name it All the best for future. Though a major problem with this startup is that it may fall flat on its face if Amazon comes to Pakistan, or if the big logistics companies start offering the same service. Feroz Amazon takes weeks to deliver shipments globally for similar shipping charges and PkShip is delivering it in days.

One day delivery is with USA. In fact Amazon offers 1 hour delivery in few cities in USA. This is very expensive.

You will find same in Pakistan at cheaper price. Feroz Nope that's not correct. Therefore, this statement is inaccurate. Amazon is not for us. The only viable alternate is our very dear Alibaba of China.

Moreover, almost all other online suppliers clearly state that, their services are not available to the customers from Pakistan. If you can read my research paper which is published in Hamburg, Germany, you might have further ideas to enrich your business.

I'm not an expert on international shipping costs custom duties or otherwise but shipping products from China should, theoretically at least, be a lot cheaper than from the US? There's a free trade agreement between Pakistan and China after all. They should have one flat tax rate. Is Islamabad not included in the scope?

Many times ; we at educational instituted need textbooks etc and hope to find a relatively quicker, safer and economical way to order books. Hope you will set up some such service. Thx and best of luck! That is too much!! Pakistan should have it's own indigenous e-shopping and e-payment websites and applications both in Urdu and English easily accessible for common users who can't understand English.

Alibaba in China has made amount of profit by creating online shopping websites B2C like Taobao and Alipay for epayment which are not only in Chinese and easy to access for the customers but are also very reliable and have great deal of variety. So, instead of waiting for Paypal and Amazon to open doors in Pakistan, IT specialist and entrepreneurs should think about investing in this venture.

No one can beat the chinese retailers here. Registered airmail takes time but I haven't yet come across a scenario where anything got lost. What's the big fuss? There is nothing to be happy or cheer about. Th e West will suck the money of poor countries and snatch job from millions of poor desi. Amazon market place users will deliver to any shipping address except some sellers who doesnt. Even Amazon books deliver to Pakistan. This business model depends on sellers that dont currently deliver to Pakistan, soon they will do this pkship will collapse.

The problem with our people that they thinks what they are doing is never done before, I've seen many in Pakistan offering same service on their websites and fb pages. Getting items through friends or relatives is more cost effective at the moment. Shuja Zaka Khan Yes! However if the customer is a retailer or commercial importer, the sales tax and Income tax can be claimed subsequently and be adjusted in the sales tax and income tax returns.

This can be fun for some riches to enjoying something they cant find here in Pakistan. Others please keep away from it as you can find other options for such products from local stores. Besides, local store are also offering almost all products for much less value. I also go and check Amazon and e-Bay but only to get idea of what there, price comparison, find similar in local spaces etc. I believe they should also built in prohibited items list for Pakistan on their website to avoid inconvenience to their customers, since products like 3D printers are not allowed to import into Pakistan while they can be easily shipped in USA.

Precisely for this reason our politicians and high ups in govt like to have more than one passport. Its a great and fantastic idea. A country like pakistan needs to be able to get goods from these companies and even if its expensive at the start its a great way to mobilize the e-commerce sector. If done well this could open up opportunities for so many people in the country. Of course with the expansion of this sector we need to get the necessary people talking to the custom and tax department to facilitate businesses and not be a hindrance with ridiculous tax charges.

Readers should check out this Indian start up https: Pakistan will probably do well to have something of this sort. Its good to know e-commerce is propagating well in Pakistan.

I'd rather call my chacha mama to get that for me. I don't think its viable unless the customer wants something at any cost. Then you pay the same in Pakistan and burdened with income tax not really sure why do you have to pay that on a simple purchase!! I had registered with Pkship. Here is the calculation received from them:.

Let me give an example for a UK purchase from Amazon. Here is the breakdown:. Only catch is that they need to maintain their reputation of a genuine item retailer and its not easy to find one in Pakistan.

Saeed Using PkShip's service you can buy from Amazon yourself. Amazon does not distinguish whether the buyer is sitting in USA or Pakistan. As simple as that! PkShip is currently working on a plan where the SMEs will be able to sell their products on global e-commerce websites across globe. We totally understand that Pakistan's taxation model encourages exports and discourage imports. So if a retailer of same product in Pakistan is selling the item cheaper than this, there could be one of the two reasons: The retailer bought it in bulk and per item shipping cost is less.

Secondly, a big incentive of buying from Amazon is the facility to return the item without extra cost in most cases.

There is no way of availing that if the customer has already spent more than the product cost on delivery arrangements. Are you offering these services too? Another dimension is to enable customer in deciding which country purchase would work out cheapest as the same product on Amazon might cost different in UK vs US. Kindly check PKShip website. When you register they ask for your city and as far I know at the time of my registration a complete list of cities opened in drop down.

Islamabad shall certainly be there. You should visit their website and discuss the matters with their team. They have Live Chat option available on their website. Kindly guide if the local store who is to sell you same imported goods shall not charge you his profit margin on the same price that same local store will be paying to Foreign Supplier.

However, the article Writer has correctly pointed out that you need to check the referred Customs table to see the economic sense of required product.

Further, not all products are taxed at same rate. It's good to try such a startup but this idea won't work and a major pivot to business model may be needed. Apart from that a major flaw in the business model is end user price. And most of the deals on Ebay or Amazon come from the sellers who sell Chinese duplicates of original products. Pakistan is a Consumer Economy whose imports are far greater than its exports. These imports are coming to Pakistan fine.

The world is moving, rather running, on e-commerce and you are being afraid of this too good game changer! Why is there an 'income tax' on a retail sale? Something you buy is part of your 'income'? Amazon is not a courier.

Job Specialization shall certainly help consumer save money. Amazon charge heavy shipment costs for quick delivery even in USA.

I recently purchased 10 items from Amazon including Jewelry and Books. Books were not taxed at all. This is an absolute non sense economically.

I have tried this for years and you always end up paying a lot more. It probably doesn't matter for a lot of people with questionable money. Better options would have been to create shipment from UAE. It will cost less in shipment. I really wonder if it has any chances of success in the high Govt tariff and the culture of smuggling prevalent in Pakistan.

Amazon and ebay do not stop Pakistani manufacturers to sell in USA. See how Chinese are selling is USA. You can set up your store on any shopping platform and ship products to your customers. The issue is that nobody would like to wait for the long shipping time form Pakistan. As such the product should be in US to enable quick delivery. All this can be easily managed in a very cost effective manner. The best selling platform for Pakistanis could be Etsy or Shopify. Best wishes for Muhammed Asif Seemab, a good start,and a good idea,but you have to keep a cordial good working relationship with the customs people at your end,otherwise you know most of these are politicized recruits,and don't care if it's a personal medicine,or some urgent necessity goods,they just want their palm greased.

Even parcels shipped through big couriers like DHL,FedEx,are over assessed the Customs Charges,and the recepients had to request for re- assessments,which further delay the delivery by a week,and demurages and other charges incurred.

Anyways it's a good idea of PkShip but must note the full payment had to be paid in advance,the new customer,innocent not knowing at all what unforeseen delays and more payments he may have to pay due to bad system of the intermediate phenomenon involved. Once got an experience the customer finally will prefer to go to nearby market,or at Marriott road,Chaddi Lane,pay cash and buy that's it.

This will save time,and unlimited calls. Stick to the new idea. The sales and income taxes are not "hidden" taxes, they are known to anyone who has ever visited the Post Office and bothered "asking".

Things never get "stuck" at customs. That is a myth for people who expect that "rules" do not apply to them. Pakistan has rules, follow them, and things won't get delayed. DHL routinely gets stuff easily hassle free to your doorstep. Most of the items are delivered free of cost. There are few things that needs attention in the article.

That sales tax will be for that state and not for Pakistan. Auther of this article needs to be clear with Mr Asif, to explain where that sales tax will go. As Pakistan does not has any agreement with Amazon , and no physical address in Pakistan is used, to collect the sales tax on Pakistan's behalf, this sales tax wil go to the state where pakship has physical address in U. Revenue board needs to pay attention, and make it clear to the public before it is too late.

Amazon and other retailers charge sales tax based on your U. How will Pakistan get the sales tax?