Cluster (Wirtschaft)

Definition und Allgemeines. Wirtschaftliche Cluster sind Netzwerke von eng zusammen arbeitenden Unternehmen – heute immer stärker im Verbund mit Ausbildungseinrichtungen, Hochschulen oder anderen Kompetenzzentren.

Archived from the original PDF on 31 October Die Consulting-Branche hat einen besonderen Schwerpunkt mit ca. Deren Ziel ist es, verschiedene Cluster miteinander zu vernetzen und clusterübergreifende Kommunikationskanäle zu institutionalisieren.


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Canada — Canada's Health Act entrenches in law the country's system of free at the point of access healthcare, known as Medicare. Canada's system is not perfect however, and in recent years the number of Canadians going south for private care in the USA has grown.

Qatar — The best standards of health in the Middle East can be found in the wealthy nation of Qatar. The nation has recently taken steps to implement a universal healthcare system across the entire country.

France — Famed for the quality of its health services, it is not surprising to see France close to the top of the pile. The country's average life expectancy is Norway — Norway, along with its Scandinavian counterparts, often comes close to global quality of life rankings, and one reason is the health of its citizens.

The country's healthcare system is free for children under 16, but adults must pay for services. The country spends more per person on healthcare than any other country on earth. New Zealand — New Zealand is one of the most active countries in the world, with the nation punching well above its weight in international sporting competitions. It has an average life expectancy of Belgium — With an average age of The country has universal healthcare, but also requires mandatory health insurance for all citizens.

Germany — Despite a love of beer and sausages, Germans are some of the world's healthiest people. Israel — Israel is the highest ranked of any Middle Eastern state on the Legatum Institute's health sub-index, and the country has the 8th highest life expectancy on the planet, Australia — With great weather and low pollution, it is not surprising that Australia is ranked as the healthiest nation in the southern hemisphere. Its average life expectancy is Hong Kong — The tiny city-state of Hong Kong has 11 private and 42 public hospitals to serve its population of just over 7.

In , women in Hong Kong had the longest average life expectancy of any demographic on earth. Sweden — As with most quality of life and health rankings, northern European countries like Sweden score highly. Swedish men have the 4th highest life expectancy of any nation, living to an average of It has created film based on books , comic books , animated series and video games.

Tencent Penguin Pictures Chinese: QQ Haiwai is Tencent's first venture into international real estate listings and information and is the result of a partnership with Chinese international real estate website Juwai. Haiwai was announced at Tencent's annual regional summit in Beijing on 21 December A peer-to-peer distribution platform for streaming media. In , Tencent released a media player, available for free download, under the name QQ Player.

Tencent Traveler, Abbreviated "TT", this web browser developed by Tencent [] is based on Trident [] and was the third most-used browser in China c. Requires an SMS phone number for verification of account registration. In late April , Tencent announced it was preparing to launch its virtual reality headset that year. Tencent officially commences operations of its first insurance agency platform, WeSure Internet Insurance Ltd.

WeSure will work with well-known domestic insurance companies such as Ping An Insurance to provide users with high-quality insurance services. Users can make insurance purchases, inquiries and claims directly through national-level platforms on the firm's vastly popular instant messaging and lifestyle platform WeChat and its popular instant messaging platform QQ.

Tencent has at least four wholly foreign owned enterprises and nearly twenty subsidiaries. A software development unit that has created, among others, Tencent Traveler and later versions of QQ IM, [] as well as some mobile software.

Many of Tencent's software and services are remarkably similar to those of competitors. Though Tencent is notorious for its copying acts, it is also known for its own innovations in these copies to conform to Chinese consumers' tastes. As of , the company held patents. The Tencent products supplied for testing were found to contain optimisations that made the software appear less exploitable when benchmarked but actually provided greater scope for delivering exploits.

Qihoo was later also accused of cheating, while Tencent was accused of actively gaming the anti-malware tests. The People's Daily published two articles criticising Tencent owned game King of Glory , due to its purportedly addictive nature among Chinese youth. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Tencent Holdings. Social networking instant messaging mass media web portals e-commerce web browser antivirus software artificial intelligence music payment system film production video games online services.

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