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Take Action! Receive My Alerts On Featured Companies. Penny Stocks! Penny Stocks! Penny Stocks! Cha Ching! Cha Ching! Cha Ching! I love me some penny stocks (almost as much as some fresh fried squirrel), but not those wimpy twenty minute trade set ups you see elsewhere.

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Top Penny Stocks to Buy in July 2018, No. 2: Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd.

 · Man cashes in pennies he's been saving for 45 years. Otha Anders saved his first penny more than 45 years ago when he found it on the ground.

Even so, there are rules and laws that apply to the posting of information on public message boards, chat rooms, the the posting of articles on a financial site, and every other form of media sent to the public. Intentional misinformation such as false financial reports, or any other false information about a company, is actionable by governmental authorities, especially if it has an effect on the trading price of a security.

Even so, the basher must be reported to proper authorities for such government actions to take place. Financial message boards and chat rooms in particular have detailed terms of service TOS for posting by its members that reflect those rules and laws.. Most message boards make it easy for other viewers or participators on message boards and chats to report violations of TOS. Even so, blatant violators will be disciplined eventually, usually progressive discipline, which consists of the following actions:.

How is the penny stock scam, such as the Pump and Dump and the Dump and Pump promoted? Stay away from the message boards if you can. Do not communicate with them or ask for their advice. Be confident in your own research. A stock promoter's or stock basher's siren call can cloud your emotions and mess with your logic and cause you to panic. I know this is true, because too often in the past I have been a victim of the siren call sending my investments into ruins.

These kinds of free or cheap services are everywhere on the internet. All of the listed sources of media are common avenues in which a penny stock scam is promoted or demoted. The most popular and devastating penny stock scam is the pump-n-dump scheme. Just as devastating, but not nearly as popular is the dump-n-pump scheme.

The internet makes such marketing cheap to do and there are plenty of pigs, novices and gullible traders who are easily taken advantage of. Unfortunately as well, even seasoned investors and traders become victims of such scams. Now that you know how to identify the most devious penny stock scams, be careful and stay away from them unless you know how to take advantage of them for a small profit.

I know from past experience that marketing promotions in the pump and dump only take place after insider traders, such as marketeers, have already purchased a hefty position in the stock. So the stock is already trading higher and does not interest me. I do not invest in stocks that are being promoted.

I do not like playing with fire or taking unnecessary risks for such mediocre rewards. I am never that hard up to find an exceptional stock to invest in, and neither will you be. And you will know when they are trading too high by viewing the historic prices of shares of that particular penny stock for the past few years, few months, weeks, etc.

Except in rare circumstances, if a company's history is less than 3 years, I would stay away from it. Not enough data for me to make a good decision.

Even newer penny stocks on an OTC usually start trading higher. If the new stock does trade higher than its initial public offering, it will rarely ever last. Within a few years max the price dwindles to actual pennies.

It doesn't matter that the company is working on something exceptionally wonderful, that is just how it is. So stay away from companies with little stock history.

Some of the penny stock services I listed may be genuine , but most of them only appear genuinely helpful when, in reality, they are setting you up to be duped into being a victim of their schemes to fatten their own pocket books. You can train yourself to smell a penny stock scam a mile away Never buy a stock on a promotion that has increased in value significantly with the promise that the share prices will go much higher.

If it sounds so good , then who is stopping you from researching the history of the company and its share prices over a 5 day to 5 year period? Who is stopping you from doing solid fundamental research on the company - if any such history exists?

Media can report anything they want. Many times media will stretch the truth or leave important facts out to obtain the intended purpose. A full research is vital and not difficult to do. Always buy at 'bargain prices' and at historical lows of fundamentally high potential stocks.

If you do this, then you will avoid being a victim of penny stock scams including the Pump and Dump and the Dump and Pump. You are looking for a company with high explosive potential that is presently a sleeper not currently being followed , or is being dumped by emotional traders. This is all covered on this site in more detail.

By your diligent independent study as this site is teaching you, you will actually be in a prime position to profit off the effort of the marketeer promotion and demotion. Compare information for a stock from various sources. If hardly any history of the stock or its shares exist past a year treat it as a penny stock scam - not enough information to make an accurate trade. Only the Extraordinary Investor typically invests in those quality penny stocks that marketeers target to promote before marketeers target, invest in and promote them.

If you are invested in a penny stock of an exceptional company before it is promoted by marketeers, then you are ahead of the game and will profit tremendously from their efforts with minimal risk. This site will show you all you need to do if you continue onward on this Journey. Keep your eyes open for a basher campaign.

First you will see technical signals for a high volume of sell orders. The basher marketing campaign will begin soon. Hopefully the basher campaign works, and the stock temporarily plunges. That is your opportunity to pick up shares before it explodes again when the basher's complete their job. Stock bashers are after penny stocks that are trading at highs, not lows. Do a thorough search of the history of any company of interest before investing, and continue to monitor. Marketeers do similar research that the extraordinary investors do to find exciting companies to invest in and then promote.

Wouldn't you do the same research before buying a car or a house, or even a new product or brand name from the grocery store? Click here to jump to comments….

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