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Die hilfreichsten Kundenrezensionen auf Amazon. Campbell added another insight into the characters' behaviors and motives plus handed me a plot twist that upended that decision. It was great to see So many people coming thru adversity without letting it change them in a bad way Everyone had a number of things that could have made them bitter.


When she goes into labor, she is rushed off to a Catholic Charities hospital for unwed mothers. Without any options and forcibly separated from the baby's father, Julie signs away her rights and puts baby Aimee up for adoption. Within a month Aimee is renamed Kathleen and is placed in a wonderful home with great parents and a brother who is also adopted.

She is happy and secure and safe. By the time Kathleen is six, her mother dies of breast cancer leaving a grieving husband, two sons, and daughter Kathleen. Her paternal grandparents pitch in and things are working out o. Her father eventually remarries. The father does end up marrying this woman who represents a very difficult time for the family, especially Kathy.

They marry, Julie resumes her acting career that was cut short by her pregnancy, achieves some renown as an actress on TV soaps and the theater. Frank likewise sees a huge jump in his fortunes. They have a second daughter named Danielle and a son Frank and relocate to LA and are happy and the entire family thrives. The only fly in the ointment is the 'Beast' which is Julie's guilt coupled by longing for her lost daughter. Eventually, Danielle and Frank Jr.

Their parents reason that sometime Aimee may reenter their lives and the kids should know and understand. As for Kathy, she doesn't learn she is adopted until her stepsister tells her so during an argument. She is shocked, hurt, and disoriented yet over the years accumulates snippets of knowledge about her life before she became Kathy without ever doing anything about it. Julie and Frank send a letter to Catholic Charities in the event their daughter ever wants to find them.

Years pass and Kathy's adopted father dies. She casually finds the adoption information while looking for some other paperwork and sets the information aside. Given that the information about her birth family is rich and highly specific, in fifteen minutes on the net she locates her parents and eventually writes to them via certified mail. Her parents are over the top to find their firstborn, but proceed with caution because they know that genes will not necessarily make them a family.

They take the slow and cautious route of getting to know one another, before they ever physically meet. What started out as a lonely birth and a mother's unhappiness slowly develops into a friendship, love, and a new kind of family as they feel their way around. This book is rich in detail as well as descriptions. It is also at times emotional. Julie's mother at times comes across as quite a character and borderline likable when she is at her stage mother best.

However, both she and her husband parent from a distance and seemingly are better with their menagerie of exotic animals than their kids. It's not a stretch to see the mother using a legal loophole to try to arrange an abortion or effectively get rid of her daughter by tucking her into an asylum for her pregnancy.

The detailed descriptions of both Julie and Kathy's childhoods and upbringings work well by establishing who these people are and where they came from.

I was touched by their grace, honesty, and candor. The one person who is shuffled around a bit, but comes across as a real sweetheart is Frank Von Zerneck. I really got why Julie and Frank got together and stayed together for all these years. Despite stuff like the disturbed stepmonste, it was reassuring that Kathy truly did have a wonderful home and two sets of really great, caring parents.

In a very real way this book was a finger biter. The story crosses over between Julie's story and Kathy's. It delves into that perilous fine line that exists when intimate strangers come together and try to pick up a shared existence or bond. Der Vorstand der Hospizhilfe hinten von links: Get caught up with Christine Shrestha and other high school Gephart Funeral Home www. Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe www. A Grammar of Dolakha Newar is the first fully comprehensive reference grammar of a Newar variety.

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View Maya Shrestha's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Maya Shrestha discover Christine Shrestha LinkedIn www. The life she wanted wasn't hers. A gripping psychological thriller that will have you hooked English Edition. Mai Verkauf durch: Amazon Media EU S. Sagen Sie Ihre Meinung zu diesem Artikel. Die hilfreichsten Kundenrezensionen auf Amazon. I really enjoyed some aspects of this book. The writing style flowed easily with a barrage of well developed characters.

Unlike other books, the characters were so uniquely portrayed it wasn't hard to remember each one- unlike other books where it takes half the book to distinguish one from another. The plotline is compelling but without the above components would have been too long and drawn out.

I feel this book could've been condensed by at least a third. At one point towards the end I was tempted to skip over the last couple chapters which I NEVER do because the plot kept zig-zagging so much, I became weary and impatient and really didn't care who the guilty person was. Fantastic, quick-paced murder mystery filled with rich, complex characters who engender both sympathy and anger.

This book explores the complicated relationships between three women who have been friends for decades sort of in a way that is realistic, sad, funny, and entertaining. I purchased this book from Amazon to read with purewowbookclub. All opinions are my own. Well I can't even say I'm mad because it was a thrilling ride.

Three girls, friends since college, hiding each other's secrets, covering each other's tracks until after 20 years one friend betrays another and all rules of friendship are lost.

One friend found dead leads the entire town on a chase after everyone and everything associated with their past in suspicious circumstances. A roller coaster of a book that leaves you chasing suspect after suspect up until the very end.