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The Inverted Hammer and Shooting Star will be almost same except for the body color. Depending on the place it appears in a chart they carry different meaning. The green body inverted hammers appearing in a downtrend signals a trend reversal.

The red body shooting star appearing on an uptrend chart, cautions a trend reversal. These candlestick patterns require a confirmation candle formation. The Hanging man pattern also carries the same rule as a Hammer. This will be white candle forming at the top of an uptrend. This signals the stock price more room left to move upwards. The next candle will decide the course of action. This pattern also appears in an uptrend market. A candle appears with a long upper shadow this pattern indicates the bears are trying to pull the price down and manage to succeed.

When this pattern forms usually the next candle gives out the definite signals — probably a trend reversal. This pattern can be identified as white green candle forming at the end of the down trend. While the previous candles may reflect the general trend the last candle will be white. Its upper shadow and the lower shadow will be within the previous candle.

This is trend reversal signal that means the Bears are giving up. This is exactly opposite of Bullish Harami. This can be seen in an uptrend market. The body of the previous candle will be green and the last candle will be red. This signals the Bears are ready to step in and a possible trend reversal. Both Bullish Harami and Bearish Harami are very important signals as they can indicate a trend reversal in advance.

The Doji is a pattern that signals a reversal in the trend. This can also indicate disturbance in the ongoing trend. It is identified when the opening price and the closing price are almost the same. The length of the upper shadow or the lower shadow may be any length. The most important thing is opening price should be more or less equal to closing price. This can be safely interpreted as the buyers are not willing to enter market.

The sellers are trying to hold on to the price and not willing to give up. This type of Doji can be identified with longer upper shadow and no lower shadow. It will still have the same open and close price.

This is not a commonly occurring signal. The Grave stone Doji can be found when market is bottoming out. Dragon fly Doji can be identified from its long lower shadow. The candle bears no upper shadow. Dragon fly Doji is an indication of sellers domination in the trading session and buyers determination of holding on to the price and taking the price back to the opening levels.

The interpretation of this candle could be said as a reversal after a long downtrend. If this pattern appears in an uptrend market this indicates a resistance forming. A confirmation candle forming after this pattern plays important role in deciding the future trend of the market.

The Long-legged Doji can be seen very often in a candlestick chart. It can be easily identified. It will consist of a longer upper shadow and lower shadow. This type of Doji also signals a reversal pattern. We often observe the ongoing trend being reversed after the formation of long legged Doji.

This pattern can be seen very frequently. This consists of three candles- one green and two red. The second green candle signals a reversal formation happening. This confirms the end of the downtrend.

In other words the bulls are about to step in. Like the morning star this pattern too consists of three candles. This formation can happen in an uptrend. The first and the second candle indicate the uptrend is on. The third candle which is almost covering the first candle signals that the Bulls are giving way to bears.

This pattern can happen in the middle of an uptrend or at the top of the uptrend. Marubozu in Japanese language means a clear cut or shaven. The candle that goes to make up the Marubozu signal does not carry any shadows both upper and lower. Only the body is displayed. We have to understand this pattern well because this is a strong pattern.

In a bullish Marubozu, the stock opens at a price and goes on to climb high and close well above. This indicates the Bulls are in control of the market. On the contrary the Bearish Marubozu, there will not be any highs or lows. The opening price will decline to close at a price. This indicates the Bears are in control of the market.

In both pattern the length of the candle body will be long. Close Marubozu - Close Marubozu will have no upper shadow. This is a strong signal indicating the continuation of the trend. This too when found in the charts we observe a continuation of the trend. The Dark Cloud Cover consists of two candles. The second red candle will indicate a higher opening than the previous candle. This pattern normally indicates a reversal. But a confirmation will be needed to take a call. Or confirming other indicators must be looked into.

Spinning tops could be identified by its long lower or upper shadow and a small red or green body.