The OMX Copenhagen 20, formerly KFX) is the top-tier stock market index for the Copenhagen Stock Exchange, which is part of the NASDAQ OMX Group. It is a market value weighted index that consists of the 20 most-traded stock classes.

Through the use of good tools, technical analysis is an objective form of analysis that gives concrete suggestions for purchase or sales. Support and resistance Price between support and resistance Price is between support and resistance. Why use technical stock analysis? Complete the competence program online and learn which indicators and signals have given the statistically best return.

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A revised and thus new OMXC20 portfolio becomes effective on the first trading day after the expiration of the December and June futures contracts. The names of the Index Shares will be announced approx. three weeks prior to the effective.

The price has now risen again, but the formation indicates a further fall. The index has support at points and resistance at points The RSI curve shows a falling trend, which supports the negative trend.

The index is overall assessed as technically negative for the medium long term. Investtech does technical analysis of all stocks for you.

A subscription with Investtech gives you analyses and recommendations for all stocks, sorting opportunities and stock selection. We do everything we can so that you will make better investments. You select your own subscription level and period. Contact customer support by phone: Investtech offers unique chart analyses that show trends, price patterns, support and resistance levels and RSI.

A written interpretation is given for each chart, with a concrete conclusion. The analyses are available for subscribers only, and we offer three subscription levels. Select the subscription that suits your requirements:. For over 20 years our mathematicians and statisticians have developed computer systems that analyse market psychology.

Investtech's analyses are independent of investments firms, banks and the stock companies, and make an important complementary addition to, or replacement for, fundamental analysis. Investtech works on research into behavioural finance. Several research projects are supported by the Norwegian Research Council. The results are utilised in our analyses and tested with excellent results on real investments.

Our research is based on principles of mathematical pattern recognition, statistical optimisation and behavioural finance. Research results show that quantitative analyses give good results and make a useful investment decision making tool. Buy signals from such rectangle formations are considered robust and reliable, with a hit rate of close to 70 per cent.

Read more about buy signals from rectangle formations. Access is automatically closed after 14 days. Investtech offers a wide selection of courses and seminars for private and professional investors. Our competence and experience can help you make better investment decisions! Technical analysis aims to predict future price movements. The analysis method is used both on individual stocks and indices. Through the use of good tools, technical analysis is an objective form of analysis that gives concrete suggestions for purchase or sales.

The method is easy to use and does not require great understanding of each company and each stock traded. Objectivity and simplicity are absolutely necessary, which means that analyses and advice have to be specific and leave no room for interpretation.

Technical analysis has historically been a big toolbox with a great number of indicators and models with a range of parameters. This gives the opportunity to always find almost perfect models for specific stocks or periods of time, but it will rarely work in practice.

It is even worse if working without quantitative tools, i. You will easily see what you want to see and what fits in with your subconscious understanding of the stock. This can easily lead you in the very wrong direction, and you may end up being ruled by your own emotional fluctuations, such as greed and fear of loss. These are the exact psychological fluctuations we will profit from by the correct and patient use of technical analysis. A long term perspective is also key.

A very important characteristic of technical analysis, of all stock analysis, is the high uncertainty. You will never be especially certain of a specific outcome.

Aim to be right a little more often than wrong, or even better, to make a little more money every time you are right than what you lose every time you are wrong. Technical analysis helps you side with the more likely outcomes. If you are right 55 per cent of the time, be happy! But of course it is the nature of the stock market that maybe 6 of the first 10 trades go wrong, or you lose compared to the market in the first year.

It is easy to start doubting the methods. A common pitfall is changing your strategy and not trusting the statistical results when failing to achieve immediate success. Technical analysis itself is enough. It is easy to start doubting technical signals and quantitative recommendations. Technical analysis is based on the principle that all relevant information is expressed through the stock price movements.

Profit is made from the lags and overreactions in the market. Nevertheless, using fundamental analysis in addition to technical analysis may make you more confident about your investments. This may help you sleep at night. Ideally you want to buy stocks both because.

Investtech recommends analysing insider trade quantitatively, where available, and taking it as fundamental analysis. OMX Copenhagen 25 Index , 1, OMX Stockholm 30 Index , 1, OMXC20 is a tradable index on which The index consists of the 20 most actively traded shares on the The Copenhagen Stock Exchange serves as Denmark's official market for OMX Copenhagen 20 Indexindex chart, prices and performance, plus recent news and analysis.

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