Bitcoin Split: Entsteht im November die dritte Coin?

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Yes, they're better than I expected. Interesting comments and somewhat surprising were: I am pleased to say that this period of uncertainty appears to be behind us. We are entering a period of relative stability in the economy, supported by tight fiscal and monetary control by Zambia's Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Zambia. I thought it was very much ongoing My take is that the headline figures for the half-yearly results will be good. Unfortunately I think that the guidance may be more guarded.

I have to admit to being toally caught off guard by the deterioration of GRZ finances highl;ighted by the revelations in Africa Confidential and the uncovering of mega corruption in loan arragement and tenders that points to some sort of of state capture. Worse case scenarios indicating.

I suspect domestic interest rates could move noticeably higher as GRZ relies incresingly on this channel of fundign as access to overseas funding closes. Will look to book any gains and watch from the sidelines in Tree shake before results and good news on fmd 2. FMD effect significant and big holder dropping out while they can 3. Irwin selling up 4. Pension fund selling up to give funds to cash strapped government 5. Other My view with rose wine variety tinted specs is number 1, although 3 seems credible too.

Things should start moving one way or other over next few weeks leading to results with update on FMD. The results come out in same week as by-election which should give an idea of political winds too. It is quite widespread in East Africa and could have spread across a porous northern border. Chisamba is on the main road to Tanzania. The government claims animals are infected but that a vaccine has arrived and vaccination starts ths week.

However, I have not heard of any escaltion of the problem but that is not to say that there is some concern. The term of a holding lease for the latter category is being proposed at 25 years from 99 years, and the measure could be retrospective. A lot of space between lip and cup, but it would appear that the Paer is already having an effect with some developments cancelled.

I think Zambeef would on the whole be OK. Just back from a week in Zambia, catching up with old farming friends, The FMD is quite concerning and farmers are taking their own measures by sanitising all vehicles and persons entering farms, there appears to be no government support as it was Lungu himself who caused the outbreak, by gifting two buffallo to Botswana that were infected, rather than culling them, they were shipped back to Zambia.

Something like that anyway, I was a bit p'ssd when this story was being relayed. Farmers are obviously concerned and prices are crashing, only yesterday I watched a load of cattle go off to market and my friend was not expecting to get much for them, but better to sell them now than risk infection. Cholera is pretty much under control, thanks too the government evicting 's from Kamwala market in Lusaka where it apparently originated from. But it may not be the end of it, the amount of new building going on, in and around Lusaka and the unregulated waste drainage that in some instances doesn't go anywhere, except into the water table, which of course is the same place the borehole drinking water comes from.

On a positive note however there is surprisingly is very little malaria around. But hey it's Africa, if the little bitey b'stards don't get you, there's always another nasty that will. Amazing how things have changed in the last 20 years. It was funny, I was walking through Lusaka airport and I heard someone calling my name, initially I thought I'd dropped my passport or something, but it was zambian local, who worked for me all those years ago Wonderful place and people.

The strain of FMD requires the vaccine to be imported. Do I again detect that the company is being careful to avoid incurring tax liabilities? Foot and mouth I believe is handled via vaccine in Africa in preference to wholesale slaughter?? Any chance of this being a political dirty tactic against cattle rancher HH? It seems the impeachment action is hotting up the already volatile politics ZNBC announced tonight that 15k cattle.

Price to Book and Price to Sales are incredibly low; cash flow coverage of the debt and overall gearing are satisfactory while a recovery in profits to levels would see earnings per share of around 3p. Operationally the retail side is performing very well on the back of the Shoprite tie-up, while feedstocks is expandng and commodity prices are off the bottom, exchange rates are stable and no deterioration flagged in West Africa.

Presumalby the very guarded commentary on FMD have reminded shareholders of the propensity of ZAM to be shot in the foot by significant negative exceptional items, both endogenous and of their own making.

I will stand by my forecast of northwards of 20p. I do find the slump surprising but remain positive about the medium-long term. And the sale of Zampalm has now gone through too, so all the more surprising with the drop.

The fall in the SP must be in reaction to the FMD concerns which are not getting alrmed coverage in the local press as it would seem that there will be a recovery in profit in compared to As expected strong growth in retail driven by Shoprite outlets and some recovery in soft commodity prices. Wird werden also 2 verschiede Bitcoin Versionen haben und erst langfristig beurteilen können, welche Version die Unterstützung der Community haben wird.

Dies ist eine interessante Aussage, zumal Samson Mow sehr enge Kontakte zum Entwicklerteam unterhält. Und dieser Split wird für einiges an Verwirrung sorgen.

Im weiteren wird es wie schon beim Fork im August unklar sein, welche Börsen und Walletanbieter welche Version unterstützen werden. Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Swiss Crypto Vault unterstützt jetzt Ripple Redaktion , Von Florenz nach Frankfurt — Wer möchte mitfahren?

Die Crypto Finance Gruppe: Skigebit Laax plant eigene Währung Redaktion , Google erwirbt europäische Lizenz für e-Geld Redaktion , Facebook und WhatsApp arbeiten an einem Stablecoin Redaktion , Christian Maeder — Ausgangslage Bitcoin ist einfach zu erfolgreich geworden und konnte mit den hohen Anzahl von Transaktionen nicht mehr mithalten.

Bitcoin Split, was bedeutet das für die User? ICO macht Gold digital handelbar! Vorheriger Artikel Google flirtet mit Bitcoin! Mike Novogratz und der Bitcoin Preis: Boden ist ereicht Redaktion , Bitcoin-Diebstahl im fünfstelligen Bereich aufgeklärt Redaktion , Bitcoin Cash Sv Miner - greenlifesocial