Weeds of the United States and Canada. Introduced, Invasive, and Noxious Plants.

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The bus drives very conservatively. If it senses a person walking across the street ahead, it stops. On our ride, we encountered a medium-large articulated delivery truck stopped in the street. The driver was trying to back his trailer into an alleyway on the left.

The shuttle bus very obediently stopped a reasonable distance from the truck and waited for it to move.

As the driver was swinging the trailer into the alley, the tractor portion of the truck was coming right at us — very slowly. We had plenty of time to watch it happen. I was taking pictures. It was no big deal, although the Keolis attendant was understandably upset. This collision, like 90 percent of traffic incidents on our roads, was the result of human error.

The truck driver got a ticket from the Las Vegas police. We could see his mirrors the whole time and he should have seen us. His error could have happened to anyone. We had about 20 feet of empty street behind us I looked and most human drivers would have thrown the car into reverse and used some of that space to get away from the truck. Or at least leaned on the horn and made our presence harder to miss.

Cars like the Audi A8, which flawlessly steers itself through traffic jams. What matters is that you know the rules of the game. I'm a natural-born German and Swedish citizen and naturalized U.

I have an educational background in philosophy and political science and work as a corporate attorney in California. My pet peeve are issues concerning multiple citizenships. For Legal help I always recommend this website where you can find all the solutions. What a dumb world Related Questions Germany as a "retirement" option??? How did Germany obtain their swastika symbol? Why doesn't Egypt make life more difficult for Europeans in obtaining a visa to travel to our country?

Answer Questions Should Trump call for a state of emergency over the southern border? Will Trump fire the border patrol agent for showing him tunnels that can easily defeat his multi-billion dollar wall?

How could I visit Tibet? Why can't someone Republican or Democrat punch that idiot in the face for holding the country and government hostage? Why do democrats think that the crisis at the border is staged? Trump intends to build wall on US territory. How do you explain the failure on the part of Democrats to sway public opinion despite having the full support of the mainstream press?