What’s the Cheapest Method to Send Money to Turkey?

Western Union Family Mart. Valid until further notice.

More ways to send

Find an ATM here, in English. The details for using Western Union at Family Mart are available here. You need to register first, and if you want to use must do so again separately. You can only transfer money in person, but can add possible recipients to your account online. The fees associated with the service are available here , and depend on the amount you send. If you transfer less than 10, yen, the fee is yen. The annual limit is 5 million yen see here for other currency limits.

The details for using Western Union at Seven Bank are available here. The annual total for sending money through Seven Bank is 8 million yen see here for other currency limits. The fees are the same as Family Mart's. However, one major drawback is that with neither service are you told the exchange rate beforehand. This could leave you vulnerable to receive a bad rate.

Japan Post is a well-known and seemingly quite affordable way to transfer money out of Japan, via its bank Japan Post Bank. However, it is worth noting there are only branches in Japan that provide this service, so make sure there's one nearby.

To use this service, you have two options:. This means the funds in your target currency will be sent in an envelope to either a bank or address. This is neither fast nor secure. This can be done with cash or via your Japan Post Bank account, if you have one. To do so costs yen in most cases. Sending money to a US bank account costs just yen, excluding receiving fees.

You can tell the staff which type of transfer you want to do. See this page for information and details. Hope so you understand now…. AOA Wali Khan bhi how are you hope you will be all right.

Dear i am working in freelancer projects. I have an account in Askari Bank …. I want to withdraw money form freelancer to direct my bank account wihich is the best and safe way you recommend please guide me tnak you dear. Hello bhai, MoneyBookers and Skrill is the same service with different names, while Libertyreserve has been closed a while ago. So it is no longer live. Hope to hear u soon. Sir tell me how i can get adsense payment using payoneer debit card.

Can we transfer adsense payments to paypal or not?? Paypal is accepted by almost every merchant online, and the bad thing is that Pakistan is not accepted by Paypal. Bhai, again our government is not serious about this issue, I got the answer why paypal is not available in pakistan.

These are great five method to receive online payment. PayPal is most secure way to receive payment. Thanks dear for sharing. Thanks for share this post wali bhai,its really helpful and informative. I am using payza since and it is one of the best service available online. There are many companies who offer withdrawals in paypal only and the users like me avoid those just because of non-availability of paypal in Pakistan.

You have shared a good post on it and atleast I have learned a lot from it. Salam AbdulWali bhai please tell about posscode which is require in paypal account money transfer to payoneer. I also want to know that about social security number which is require in payoneer account. Please tell me about Eprepaynow Visa Debit Card. I want my Payment on somevisits. Now 3 days left for my card reach here. Today is 38th Day. My Eprepaynow Visa Card approved application date is 5th December Now 3 days left My card reach here.

Please tell after 42 days card will must reach here????????????????????? Sir One week ago I singup for Payoneer to get master card but unfortunately. I have no many skill to work as a freelancer now get result soon from odesk. We are happy to inform you that your application for a Payoneer account has been received and that you have just one more step left before we can review it.

Please contact us as soon as you submit a withdrawal so we can review your Payoneer account applications and send you your card. This article was really needed because many users online have problem getting payments in Pakistan so this is a great article and great work by you Wali Bhai.

How to choose Express Shipping. It only asks for the mail address. Please send snap of express shipping option if possible. My bank which is albaraka dont have visa logo card. Can i use it for skrill or any other online bank. Yes, you can use by attaching your bank account to Skrill, but master card or visa card is more better, actually your ATM card becomes your master or visa card.

There are also global services as 2Checkout, Paysera and ProPay available for taking card payments. I think they are worth having a look at, as they are safe services, tested by many users and can provide payment solutions for different types of products. Capital One Promo Code. Bank of America Coupons.

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