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How many 90 day end of the world articles can be pulled out of the archives here and all the other doom sites? Ok — some rereading and I see. Cool — more time to stock up on ammo, food and gold. Most of them are just simpletons who cannot plan beyond their next sex act. Perhaps command and control deserves more of our attention than the simpletons. I wonder why Mac wants to suppress this history. The Jews were expelled from Spain in the week of April 29, A.

After tolerating Jewish collusion with the Muslims during the Reconquista and the Church and State subversions of the Marranos, the last straw for the people of Spain was the ritual murder of the Holy Child of La Guardia, following so closely on the similar ritual murder of a child in Saragossa.

Click my red screen name. It is always about 2. I have been waiting for too long. We need to go on about our lives folks. If you have plans on a project not doomsday related go ahead and do it. If you keep waiting on the end and it is screwing up your plans in life, stop and get on with your life. These articles are getting a little tiresome. Just like it was October for sure acc to Armstrong. I will soon buy some land nearby and go forward with the moving plans I have been putting on hold because it was all going to fall apart like next week or something.

Gonetoolong, congratulations you have made the transition from mindless sheep to a person who now realizes that they have power and control over their own life. You are now free. Freer than anyone who is sitting idle waiting for the next shoe to drop. Freer than anyone being held hostage to religious fairy tales. Yes it is always next month, or next year, or the following year.

This is the ploy used to keep us all trapped. Afraid to make a change. Because in life the one thing we can guarantee that will happen is change. Shame on all those who are allowing the human consciousness to manifest the dystopian society of the future. RJ, who is sitting idly by? I may prep but I continue to live my life in the mean time.

Not true Liza Jean. There are many degrees of sheepdom in this world. Some are religious, others waiting for a shtf scenario, while others are… you fill in the blank. But if you still believe that a shtf scenario will happen in your lifetime based on these articles, you are a doomsday sheeple. You think we found our preps helpful during those times?

Damn straight we did. How about an ice storm that resulted in loss of power for almost a week? Yup…found those preps useful yet again for light, heat, water, food and the ability to cook our meals. That is why the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper is world known, except for some idiots who only believe in only have on hand what they need for that day and ridicule common sense. Maybe someone can explain why China which holds the largest amount of U S debt would want the dollar to collapse.

Their own economy is on a downward spiral at the moment and the dollar going away would hurt them even more. As for this collapse coming in years I wonder what happened to it coming last month. Earlier this year when the Swiss unpegged their Franc from the Euro it sent companies in New Zealand broke that is how intertwined our economies have become. China did not want to see the dollar collapse, as it formerly thrived on it. They could easily see what the effects of unlimited quantitative easing would be, and have been systematically divesting themselves of dollars by converting into materials and property around the world.

They are closer to denominating their currency into gold than the US is. Besides the Chinese divestiture of USDs, there is the ongoing break of the petro-dollar which will really kill the USD reserve currency status and dramatically reduce its buying power.

Chinas positioned its self to be the Phoenix to rise out of the ashes after the collapse. So…once again doomsday is pushed back 2 years. Most of the articles here have been mostly directed at people in financial circles.

Not looking for Zeitgeist but damn, this thing is turning into a fear monger site. I learn more about preps in the comment section. We make an awesome team. Think at least a year, or harvest to harvest. Side note…I saw there was a fireworks display in the Caspian earlier. Did you sleet through the tech bubble crash in ? I remember record unemployment, bankruptcies, and billions lost. Did you sleep through the crash?

I remember billions lost people being evicted, stores shutting down, jobs lost, bankruptcies. V irgin is my guess. Who is he that we should listen to? Is he even a real person? Firstly, I call horse shit. Good news is nothing but a fraud.. Well go on back guys. I am not even going to rape of a long ass narrative about the what my scientist buddy told me. V was the first person to put Jade Helm 15 and what the cabal had planned and by what the 4 star general tokd him about it they planned to kill out masses of people..

Home Sapiens versus Homo Capensis.. Kerry Cassidy and David Wilcox have aliased contact me. I told I then something that got their attention so much that they contacted me, trying to get me to do and interview.

Will I so it. I may do it. I am getting laughed at and people will have to learn. It is the strongest of person s who spreads his news without worry of what people think. Would saving 10, be worth it? Would 1, be worth it? Ignore the mockers and go about your business. If you feel it needs to be said, say it. HCKS Keep the news coming. Remember they laughed at Columbus, and others. Hand in there my friend. I'm not a grammar expert but damn.

Also, you can adjust the brightness and contrast on a screen shot and see approximately what he looks like. He has a round face with a short beard and mustache.

Few can afford to flee the US, but we can greatly improve the safety of loved ones by getting OUT of metropolitan areas. Here is a way to pump water uphill to storage with no electricity. It is year old tech. Plans are available to build one cheaply with hardware parts.

It is called a hydraulic ram pump:. It must really suck to be unprepared. The tomatoes were crap and the fish died every time there was just a minor change in the ecosystem. Oh this shit again? Why do I feel so much safer going into gun shows than I do walking into a public school, college or movie theater?

PWYP, I am not into getting revenge on anyone on this site. So Guys, get ready. Ofcourse Mr PWWP, How come you have not attacked V, looks like you are and agency ass clown troll, who just jumped on here and attacked me, Interesting, but not supprising.

So you can start by going to go f…. He has been reading these comments and told me that i am wasting time, because no one on this site will believe me. When i told Texans who read this site, that the Gold is here, they started to attack me. Then a few of them, who were in the know, knows that i am the real deal. Nothing that the agency ass clown trolls can comments on, not attack on me, will be able to stop what took place last month, the gold is here, its here, PERIOD.

You are too late agency ass clown trolls. You have changed your handles 20 times, and you have still lost the info war. We DO want to hear what you have to say…there are always diamonds to be gathered out of your blogs. So nevermind and thanks anyway. Instead, it will come in the next two years to 30 months ………………. V, Discusses the Goverment calapse formula. Like V, says, those numbers will double up.

Its not a wonder why the Free energy inventor was getting yelled at when the talk show host demanded that he pulls his truck up to his store to clean out his inventory.. Yet trolls want to advice me of my wrong doing. V will be leaving the country. Well i aint leaving, leaving is for corwards, not to say V is a coward, but, i aint running. Washington dreams told it like it will, how the preppers and the American people will rise up, and rebuild. Those people my shtf-effers, is us, we preppers.

So it makes no sense for us to fight each other on this site. Bravheart, your and me are still friends. All of us preppers need to keep getting ready. Its going to come down, and the rat bastards will knock out the grid, and do this purposelty to cause a maximum kill off ratio.

Elites want to jail us now, eh. Good luck with that you rat bastards, Molon Labe bitches. I need to either buy a bigger house or stop prepping. AOWG In the same boat, but now my wife is getting on board and going hog wild on things. Going to have to build another shelter to store things. Events are not occurring in a closed or controlled environment.

Yup at some point it will happen, when, probably once most fall back into their comfort zone, say maybe after a new president….. That would be a perfect time…. If somehow they manage to get at least most of the guns we are done for… IMO, the american gun owner is the largest army in the world and the only thing keeping TPB at bay. I think they want death, just not theirs or maybe just select ones..

This fellow may end up being correct; in fact, his analysis is one I agree with generally as to what the problems are, and what the likely result is. However, when he came to the dream part, he lost me.

I was very disappointed to see him cite this, and it lost a LOT of credibility. Again we see the can kicked down the road another couple of years. Is there something bad headed our way? Yes, I do believe that is true. Two ways we beat ourselves up is one, the collapse time is always kicked down the road. Second, when the date finally gets here and nothing happens. We get pissed off.

Problem is you never want to completely cut them out of the loop. Kind of like a pasty note on the bulletin board. Am I ready for what is coming? Less than others but better than most. I am sure many here are doing their best to prepare and some is always better than nothing when prepping.

Also what will work for one person may not work for another. Compagnie de Saint-Gobain Deutsche Bank AG Deutsche Telekom AG Hong Kong-Dollar - Euro. Experience Points XP Krypto. Euroland - Euro - EUR. TransferWise hingegen ist bis zu 5x günstiger. Android Link als E-Mail senden. Hong Kong-Dollar - Euro Währungsrechner. Umrechnung Hong Kong-Dollar in Euro. Online Brokerage über finanzen. Guy heeft een goeie visie en gebruikt zijn eigen systeem.

De euro ziet u op deze pagina zowel op intraday, maand en weekgrafiek Op de euro doen we vaak transacties via onze service Turbo Markets waar ook u lid van kunt worden Schrijf u hiervoor in via ons item abonnementen … Guy Boscart …. Dat systeem vormt sinds de breakdown van Bretton Woods de Gisterenavond was daar wederom een belangrijke FED-meeting waarbij mevrouw Yellen toelichting gaf op het monetaire beleid van de Amerikaanse centrale bank.