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Currency converter using official exchange rates Any trouble? See How to use this converter: Note: Enter an amount in the box field of your chosen currency and click here or another box field to see the converted amount.

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This Free Currency Exchange Rates Calculator helps you convert Euro to British Pound from any amount.

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Submit your glossary or dictionary for publishing at TranslationDirectory. Post Your Translation Job! Currency abbreviations By Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, http: United Arab Emirates dirham. Bermudian dollar customarily known as Bermuda dollar.

Democratic Republic of Congo. WIR euro complementary currency. WIR franc complementary currency. Unidad de Fomento funds code. Unidad de Valor Real. Denmark , Faroe Islands , Greenland. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Morocco , Western Sahara. The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Macau Special Administrative Region. Russia , Abkhazia , South Ossetia. Turkey , Northern Cyprus. Trinidad and Tobago dollar. United States dollar same day funds code one source claims it is no longer used, but it is still on the ISO MA list.

Silver one troy ounce. Gold one troy ounce. European Monetary Unit E. European Unit of Account 9 E. European Unit of Account 17 E. UIC franc special settlement currency. International Union of Railways. Palladium one troy ounce. Platinum one troy ounce. Belgian franc currency union with LUF.

Irish pound punt in Irish language. Luxembourg franc currency union with BEF. Monegasque franc currency union with FRF. Argentine peso moneda nacional. Ecuador Unidad de Valor Constante funds code discontinued. UIC-frank Special settlement currency. Andorrese peseta vervangen door EUR. Oostenrijkse schilling vervangen door EUR. Bulgaarse lev op 5 juli vervangen door BGN. Wit-Russische roebel op 1 juli vervangen door BYN.

Ecuadoraanse sucre vervangen door USD. Ecuador Unidad de Valor Constante Funds code. Ghanese cedi Vervalt per 31 december vervangen door GHS. Italiaanse lire vervangen door EUR. Luxemburgse frank vervangen door EUR. Maltese lira vervangen door EUR. Nederlandse gulden vervangen door EUR. Portugese escudo vervangen door EUR.

Soedanese dinar vervangen door SDG. Slowaakse kroon vervangen door EUR. Surinaamse gulden vervangen door SRD. Salvadoraanse colon vervangen door USD.