The Story Craft Tells

Manchester is filled to the brim with culture, both on the surface and below. One of the best ways to get an insight into the city's bustling art scene is to get in touch with Art Battle MCR and take a tour around the Northern Quarter with them.

At the House of Rohl, we pursue the discovery of time-honored craft that opens the door to stories unlike any other. The Story Craft Tells We believe distinctive stories are what make life exceptional. ROHL - a company whose mission for decades has been to discover exceptional, authentically luxurious products for the kitchen and bath - features products crafted in the towns and villages of Western Europe, New Zealand, and North America. These very exceptional collections, made by artisans employing techniques passed from generation to generation, are crafted using genuine materials sourced regionally and often unique to the area of origin. Ultimately, they create timeless designs, thanks to care, dedication, and pride in their engineering abilities, craftsmanship, and the perfection of every single individual product.

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ROHL Global Networks provides solutions for the telecommunication industry include skilled Project Managers, Network Engineers, GPS and Drafting Technicians, Fiber Splicing, Locating Services along with experienced Construction Crews. We are able to take on projects regardless of their location.

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