Find It Near You. No worse than a pissy American beer with the malty finish. And, if you are not filtering, it will help a lot with clarity, which is a hallmark of the style.

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Peroni Nastro Azzurro is the best-selling Italian premium lager worldwide, with its distinctive, intensely crisp and refreshing character. Brewed in Italy since and available in the most stylish bars and restaurants across the UK, Peroni Nastro Azzurro captures the Italian spirit: The approach to making this premium Italian beer is inspired by Italy's creative spirit and flair: Everything from Peroni Nastro Azzurro's distinctive look, matchless taste and pride in its heritage reflects this unique quality.

This is a super sharp beer and is particularly pleasant when consumed in the city in the sunshine after a hard days work. It can also turn boring work gatherings into exciting nights out.. Brewed by Fürstlich Fürstenbergische Brauerei.

Bei einem speziell entwickelten Brauverfahren wird der Alkohol, der bei der Gärung entsteht, besonders schonend entzogen. So bleibt der hopfenherbe pilstypische Biergeschmack erhalten. Mit nur 11 kcal pro ml ist das Fürstenberg Alkoholfrei die isotonische Alternative zu herkömmlichen Softdrinks. Es löscht den Durst, aber nicht den Tatendrang! I drank this beer in the restaurant in Freiburg with a beautifuo spot. This beer free of alcool is average, not extraordinary but drinkable and better than the Swiss beers free of alcool.

The color is yellow and clear, average carbonation, thin and white foam. The taste is with hop, bitterness, malt, dry finish, a bit watery. Bottle 60cl kindly shared by Calisky. A pale yellow beer with low head. Nose is low, Aroma is very watery, light barley sugar, very very low, extremely boring, just peppery hops there.

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