The Top 10 Best MIDI Keyboard Controllers in the Market

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The keys are relatively nicer, not as good as the Akai or Novation but they still do the trick you get what you pay for. It also comes with its own audio interface for some external control of the volume and other functions. This MIDI keyboard is exceptional in terms of lightweight and portability. The keys are velocity-sensitive and they feel pretty nice considering the price.

Super affordable and very simple. Arturia music instruments is typically known for their synths and other modern-day analog sounds, but this gives MIDI keyboards a slightly different spin. Not to mention the very nice key make, which are semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive and have aftertouch. Lastly it includes some pads so this thing really has it all, especially the sounds. It looks cool, too. Also includes 8 knobs, 9 faders and 3 banks for all assigned functions.

Just a nicer keyboard than most. What is your budget? This is the most important question to ask. Typically, the higher the key count which is next in importance below , the higher the price. How many keys would you like your controller to be?

There are numerous options, such as: It all depends on the person. What type of key-make would you like? The feel is a bit quicker and lighter than other weighted models. Most digital pianos have weighted keys because it attempts to truly emulate what it feels like playing the piano. Is portability important to you? If so, you need to keep the overall size into consideration. Do you want your controller to have MIDI pads? If you want a almost drum machine built-in to your MIDI keyboard as well, this is your best bet to consolidate.

Are any other functions desired? Such as knobs, faders, buttons, arpeggiators , mod and pitch bend wheels, or various other performance controls. These are all pluses, but not necessarily musts. Try to keep in mind the way you work, what kind of music you make, or which extra features you see worth the extra money. Does the software bundle included with the keyboards matter to you?