London Stock Exchange given licence by Hong Kong market regulator SFC

The ratio of earnings before interest and taxes to annual interest expense. Here's how to disable adblocking on our site. With Argo being the first ever crypto mining company to join the London Stock Exchange, it is a very positive move for the industry as a whole heading towards mass adoption of crypto.

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According to a research paper commissioned by Deutsche Boerse, and published by Professor Dirk Schiereck of the Technische Universität in the German city of Darmstadt , Brexit "will make Frankfurt the clear European centre for financial market regulation and simultaneously, Frankfurt might indeed become the European centre for supranational risk management.

Frankfurt could steal billions of pounds worth of business as a result of the merger, which may allow Deutsche Boerse to move significant portions of the LSE's derivatives trading from the UK to Germany. Schiereck's paper cites the example of Bund trading in the s as reason to believe trading can move from London to Frankfurt.

The paper is just the latest in a series of threats to the City's role at the heart of European financial markets. Almost all major banks are thought to be considering moving jobs away from London after the Brexit process formally begins, with HSBC's chairman Douglas Flint saying last week:. The bank currently expects to move roughly 1, jobs to "France, or indeed to Ireland or Holland or any other place within Europe that we have operations. Financial centres across Europe are battling it out to take business from London, with Frankfurt and Paris currently seen to be in poll position.

French lobbyists have made frequent trips to London to meet with business leaders and market participants in recent months. There are two big areas of concern when it comes to London's role at the heart of European finance — financial passporting, and the clearing of euro-denominated trades in the City. Current EU law allows European banks to operate branches in the UK that do not need to be separately capitalised from the parent company abroad.

This has allowed London's financial centre to act as a hub for global firms looking to do business in the EU. The use of this bank "passport," which allows banks in London to access the EU single market of 28 nations including the UK , could be one of the rights the UK loses in the British exit from the EU.

Musician Denis Fernando, 36, from Wembley, north west London, promised further action, adding: Most demonstrators were cleared from the square at around A group remained sitting on the ground surrounded by police. Protest group Occupy London spent the afternoon setting up tents and hanging banners and posters across Paternoster Square: City of London Police have now cordoned off the area, and only a handful of protesters remain inside.

The majority of protesters have left Paternoster Square as police 'containment' has moved in. Protesters outside the London Stock Exchange have been told by police they must leave Paternoster Square as they are "causing a serious disruption to the life of the community" and their continued presence is against the law.

If they remain on the square they will be in breach of section 14 of the Public Order Act, according to police. Our reporter Martha Fairlie is at the scene and says several protesters are now sitting down, whilst others have started to evacuate. Just been informed by the police we have 20' until they forcibly remove us from Paternoster Sq. The City of London police have told protesters occupying Paternoster Square that they must leave the area within half an hour.

Earlier this evening Occupy London protesters successfully set up camp in the area outside the London Stock Exchange. Occupy just occupied outside the London Stock Exchange!