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I had some leftover paint so I patched the peeling places.

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Company says it addresses all old problems. I am still skeptical. Any feedback on this? Any reviews on the Kilz Over Armor deck restore? I used the Lowes rescue paint for on my bannisters and it was a total disaster!

The paint just peels off the wood. My bannisters are ruined! Do not use this product. My experience is not consistent with your review. I removed the wooden floor 2 x 6 redwood planks , which were in rough condition. I sanded and cleaned them before applying Coating th underside with 2 coats of Behr solid color stain.

I reinstalled them and coated the tops with Behr Deckover Textured solid color stain. It filled in all of the cracks and other flaws. That was 5 years ago. It was still in great shape. The deck is on the north side of the house, which may also be a factor. I also applied 5 years ago. Check carefully at the edges for rot. I hired a few guys to work on my deck. Not their forte but they do work hard with a bit of my guidance. They are also fixing many spots. So, process so far is they rented a sanding machine and went over 3 times with different grain paper to clean it up.

After this winter my deck looked bad. It is only years old though. Now they are sanding the rest of the deck. Now, I have no idea what wood my deck is made of and if you have any other tips, suggestions, anything, I would really appreciate it.

This is their 2nd day sanding the deck and fixing it where it needs to be fixed. Only advice is to use a better solid stain. The Behr has many issues. What will this cleaner clean if all the surface has been sanded off? Sanding reduces the porosity of the wood while the cleaner will open the porosity so the stain can soak in better.

You removed my last comment? It was not to argue with you but to get clarification. A bit disheartened to see such moderation here. So, my guy used this cleaner on half of the deck that was sanded and on some part of the deck that was not sanded … it did absolutely nothing visually to both of those parts.

Sanded part did not visually look cleaner and non sanded part of the deck sides of it even after brushing it, did not remove paint or even discolor it. I live in a brick house so my porches are concrete. I stained the front porch with behr concrete stain and really like it. So far, so good. My screened in porch is another matter.

I used the Behr deckover, and it is a nightmare. So frustrated and upset that Behr sells a product professing to be the answer and is not. The power of advertising.

It went on beautifully. But now the color has faded, the product has bubbled up and is cracking and peeling. Not pleased at all with the look. Now the deck is ruined. Any way to get all this crap off and bring it back to the original wood? Previous homeowner applied Benjamin Moore Latex Floor and Patio Enamel to our elevated exterior wood deck, railings, stairs just before selling the house to us see first photo. It is described as epoxy-reinforced latex enamel with low sheen.

It is a paint, not a stain. I guess porches and breezeways typically have roof overhead for protection, whereas my deck does not!

Are you familiar with this product and would it be similar to these resurfacing products? It lasted well in our Pacific Northwest rainy climate for 3. I did some manual scraping and then belt sanded the horizontal surface of the deck.

I am deliberating 3 options:. Halt my sanding operation and recoat with an oil-based primer and this same BM latex enamel paint product. Is the best route. Only if you want the same look you currently have.

This will not work. You cannot apply a solid stain over this. Used restore from home depot two 5 gallon buckets. It just peeled so I put more on top a year later.

The color never matched and it just keeps peeling. I finally chose to start over with new wood but in sections since it cost so much. Has anyone figured out a way to either cover this stuff or strip it off without having to replace all of the wood painted with this stuff? I had a VERY old deck — at least 20 years. Wood was curling, cupping, split, dryed beyond belief, split, etc.

Could barely walk on it because of splinters, etc. Should have been replaced. I applied Rustoleum that advertised it would fill cracks and seal the wood and restore the deck. While the wood sucked up the paint, it performed as advertised. I had it for perhaps years before I sold the house, and it was as good after that time as when I first applied it.

Only drawback was some loss of color due to UV, but other than that it was terrific. We used Behr deck over and within a year any of the deck that was exposed to the weather bubbled and peeled off.

The parts of the deck that were under porch overhang have held up very well. We prepped our deck and it was very clean when we applied the deck over, and it has held up very well in the areas not exposed to the weather.

BUT where the sun and rain hits it it bubbles and peels. Really mad that we used this product and very annoyed that are still selling it. We now have a mess to deal with and may just end up ripping up part of the deck and replacing. This product is a big headache and we regret ever using it. Paid to have it applied by my contractor, who I love btw.

But, the product is cra and I wish I had that bucks back. The condition of the wood, the prepping, weather, and the application process makes this product work as advertised.

Like all stains, transparent, Semi, or Solid, the application process is the key. I have a 2 tiered deck, in rough shape when I purchased the house. So I scrubbed it with a deck brush, scrubbed and scrubbed until I broke the handle in half. I let it sit for 3 days in the sun, no rain. It dried out completely, no moisture, no morning dew, nothing.

I purchased two 5 gallon buckets of DeckOver textured espresso color for the decking and sprayed the spindles white. I took a paint mixer to it for a solid 5 minutes. I noticed the viscosity was ultra thick. Not wanting to purchase anymore product, I had an idea. Instead, I placed the 5 gal buckets in my SUV, which heats up to about during the day in the sun. This remarkably thinned it to a manageable level to roll and achieve maximum coverage.

I went to town on this deck, evenly rolling it to a perfect finish. The wood was so dry, it soaked it up, almost drying it within minutes. I painted the steps with a mini-roller to a textured finish as well.

I removed the spindles prior to rolling the decking. This allowed me to keep rolling continuously. The other problems in the reviews especially with pictures is the wood conditioning. Even stains, with or without color fade after a couple years.

Should you expect this in Florida on a beachside home, no. I live in Minnesota, for ten straight days the temperature was -1 degree or colder. It would probably help but it would no fix the issues of the Behr Deckover. The Gulf is a completely different product. We have never tried it but there have been a few comments from consumers. Seems it peels like many of the others. I would like to paint my deck railings white and was going to use one of these products — is there one you would recommend over the other for this purpose or an alternative acrylic paint brand?

The deck on my home was painted with Deckover before I bought it. As far as sanding goes, this stuff peels but you practically have to sandblast the rest of it off! We had a fence installed a year ago and a new deck installed in March. Is there something else you would recommend that I could go look at before having to order online?

Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you. Note to residents of the State of New Jersey: The provisions of this warranty, including its limitations, are intended to apply to the fullest extent permitted by the laws of the State of New Jersey. To obtain warranty service, call Behr Process Corporation reserves the right to inspect any and all application of the product prior to processing your claim made under this warranty.

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WoodSmart by Behr Learn about product selection, preparation, and how to's for your stain project with WoodSmart by Behr. Must Prep Before Use. Ft 2nd Coat 75 Sq. Rated 5 out of 5 by Cgar78 from Best Investment Ever! I am writing this review 3 years after I have applied this product to my vacation home deck in mid Michigan and would like to say it has held up tremendously well!

It is very disappointing to read others reviews, saying how terrible this product is and not to buy. The key to making this product satisfying, is in the preparation. If you don't prepare your deck properly, then you won't get the results as expected. I spent the entire 4th of July week in preparing and applying the Behr Deck Over product to my sqft treated wood deck that is nearly 25 years old.

After power washing my deck, I rented a floor sander from our local rental store. I sanded the entire deck right to the bare wood. I then applied the deck cleaner and let it dry well before applying two coats of Behr Deck Over. With the harsh winters we have in Michigan, I was a bit skeptical on what I would find in the spring time based on the reviews that I read.

Needless to say, after 3 winters, this product has held up amazingly well. My advise is, if you're intending to make this a quick weekend project, this product is not for you!! This is now the second year it's been on my deck, and after the winter we just had with 4 snow storms in 4 weeks and extreme temperature changes, I was surprised how well it held up.

Our porch exposed AND covered is still holding up well to all the Southern heat and humidity. We are thrilled with the results, as it was easy to apply and looks like composite decking. We have 2 large dogs that walk around the porch, and it still has held up well!

Thanks for your viewpoint, and I hope you get this resolved! Thank you for reading and for your comment! I was just at Home Depot looking at this deck paint and decided to read reviews prior to purchasing this product. A lot of bloggers stop after a few months. I hope the Behr Deckover product works well for your damaged deck.

We really are so happy with the results. I was in Home Depot and a Behr paint rep was in there and I talked with him about how many people had not had good results from the product.

He stressed the importance of thoroughly cleaning and prepping the area first. I wish I read some of these negative reviews before investing in Deckover.. Entire sections have peeled away.. Two 5 gallons drums, hours of work prepping, hours of painting…all wasted.

Thanks Behr for a rotten product! So sorry to hear this, Harvey! I actually spoke with a Behr paint rep and told him about some of the negative reviews I had received after writing my post. We live in Atlanta where we have hot Summers, but we also have humidity. I would contact Behr about this, and again, I am so sorry for your negative experience! Would not recommend anyone using this as you are throwing your time and money away. I actually spoke with a Behr rep at Home Depot and told him I had gotten some comments from readers who had not had good experiences with Behr Deckover.

We live in the South and it seems humidity is an advantage in this situation. I would contact Behr and see what can be done! Following up on my comment from last Fall — I went back to Home Depot to discuss the problem and they suggested I contact Behr.

I called them, and they apologized and also said they have re-worked the formula. Within two days I received a five gallon drum of new product. I will need to scrape and sand the deck which is mostly peeled anyway, and thoroughly wash with Behr Wood Cleaner.. Thanks for keeping us updated and I look forward to hearing back from you and hope the application and wear is a success this time!

Nice to get a 5 gallon drum of Deck Over from Behr. That will take a lot of time, money, and sweat equity. So sorry for your negative experience with Behr Deckover. I think the formula changed last year with Behr.

Not sure if you have tried since then? We live in the South where humidity, hot Summers, etc are factors. I really have no idea why some people have great experiences and others poor ones. Let me know if you have anything new to report, as it helps my readers re: Thanks so much for your input!

Yes, Jeff — I did have to scrape it thoroughly and sand as well. Also I used the wood cleaner that Behr recommends before applying the new product. So far, so good, but the winter will be the real test! Excellent feedback from all! Thanks you for the Inputs. I was getting tires of rain, snow melt be blow this deck. I am placing the first coat on the materials before install.

The panels wi be screwed. The second coat will seal the screw holes and the third will provide final coat with nylon-Teflon materials as used on sheet rock seams. Please share photos and keep my readers and me posted! Hello, I stumbled across your review and it gave me a possible incentive to continue after just reading so many bad reviews about Behr Deck Over. We have a camp in Maine and have begun our June project.

After power washing the deck we have finished 1 coat on half the deck and it looks wonderful! We chose the color Wood Chip. I failed to read the reviews prior to purchasing the stain and now am questioning my decision to keep going or try and power wash it off and begin again with maybe a higher rated product. I have not called Behr to learn about changes in the recipe or as to the parts of the country where the product appears to fail.

We still are having good results with the Behr Deckover. I hope you are, too! Behr changed the formula last year, but we have used the original and the new formula for touch ups.

We have hot Summers in Atlanta, but we also have humidity and pretty mild Winters. We have exposed areas and covered and all are consistent in appearance. I would be careful putting too many layers on your porch. I recommend a thorough cleaning, drying, and then one product. We added a little water to the Deckover as we went along, which helped with the thickness and made it go on smoother.

I hope this helps you! Let me hear how your experience went either way. Good luck with your project, well it all depends on preparation and climate for what I hear. I will send you pics of my deck after 2 years the product did not hold up.

This was a quick fix before I was going to replace the boards should have done that upfront. Very embarrassed to have company over talking about this Live and Learn. Thank you, we did just finish the deck and it does look beautiful! Hoping for the best in a year or two. Thanks for the great info but one word of caution: Never ever EVER pressure wash a wooden deck or fence.

That is one of the biggest causes of deck coating failure. Not only does it damage the wood by making tears in the wood fibers it drives moisture deep into the wood that can take weeks or more to dry out. Just the porch floor, back deck, and stairs are painted with the Behr Devkover. Did you find there to be noticeable grit in the Deckover? Does yours have that? If so, how is it for bare feet? Yes, it does have a grit to it, Zoe! But it went from a worn, splintery wooden deck to one that feels like composite.