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Montreal, now listed as Trentway-Wagar Inc. F' at Golden Tours, London, pending clarification of number of seats fitted.

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They are of my son and the tractor we bought from you after the pedal tractor pulls that he won. We hope to see you all soon. Keep up the good work and the great hospitality. May God bless you all with a great year. If you don't mind please let me know you got this email.

Gordie Reveiere was so awesome to work with because he made fixing our lawn mower a stress free experience. Gordie and his team were attentive, polite, and kept us up to date with exactly what needed to be done and where they were in the process.

The service was beyond our expectations and I would recommend this place to anyone in the Athens, GA area. They even fix power washers! Is there anything these guys can't do?

I just wanted to thank Billy and his service crew in Gainesville, Florida for the fine job they did on my mower repair. It was not an easy problem to trouble shoot, but they did it. Thanks again for a good job.

I just purchased lawn mower blades at your Middleburg, Florida location. Justin waited on me, he is the best. He sold me a lawn mower several years ago and to this day remembers my name. You should be very proud to have someone like Justin working on your staff. I had my tractor serviced, and the first time I used it - there was a problem with the belt, needless to say I wasn't very happy, I shared my concerns, and you responded quickly and appropriately.

Your service tech was great. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Check List - list updated, republished in chassis make order. Many thanks to all contributors of news items, photos and information, anything so far unused will be published as soon as possible. Cyprus - new list added for Dreamwell Consultants Ltd. Rowson Private , Truro; Cumbria: France - two buses added to the list for Bordeaux Culture Decouverte, Bordeaux.

Germany - North Rhine-Westphalia: Singapore - two unidentified buses added and list updated for Ducktours, Singapore City. It's likely that there is more than one bus in this fleet, so any more information is sought please. Saturday 1 December Azores Islands - photos added to the page for the unidentified operator of 'Open Top Cow' bus created in our last update.

Croatia - one bus added and list updated for Libertas Cabriotour , Dubrovnik. Finland - list updated for Westendin Linja, Helsinki, with three buses added, acquired from Strömma Helsinki AB, Helsinki; the list for that operator has consequently been deleted. Martinique - we have received information from Casanova Transports that they are starting a new open top sightseeing operation on the island of Martinique, offering two tours based at Saint Pierre.

Check List republished - buses that we don't have current details for. Thursday 15 November Azores Islands - new Country page added, with a list for an unidentified operator at Ponta Delgada.

List updated for Ensign, dealer, Purfleet. Italy - list updated for City Sightseeing Milano S. Northern Ireland - list updated for Belfast Citysightseeing Ltd. A new page has been created with all of the buses on one list with photos and notes. Croatia - new list added for Libertas, Dubrovnik, with photos; new list added for Kremenko, Omis operator to be confirmed. Norway - list updated for Kristiansand Dyrepark zoo , Kristiansand.

Serbia - new list added for BS Tours, Belgrade. The lists for Spain have become so numerous that we have divided the country up into provinces or regional areas, as follows, for ease of reading, and updating too - Andalucia: Republic of Ireland - new list added for Euroadshow Marketing Ltd. Russia - three buses added to the list for City Sightseeing Moscow Ltd. We have done some major updates and corrections to our Germany pages this time - Bavaria: K Hamburg City Tour.

Tuesday 21 August Just a couple of small updates this time. Tuesday 7 August A new tour operation has started this month on the Isle Of Man , which is a British dependency situated in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland; its status as self-governing separate from the UK gives it as far as we are concerned here its own listing on the Countries page.

Please have a look here and let us know if you can provide any information on the current whereabouts or status of these buses. Merseyside Transport Trust buses are listed as at Southport for now, instead of Burscough, as they are operating a sightseeing tour of Southport this summer.

Northern Ireland - list updated for Belfast Citysightseeing. Scotland - list updated for Mac Tours, Edinburgh. Friday 3 August A few more updates for England this time. Further updates are due soon for the Ensign list. Warren Private , Staplehurst.

Lots of information has come to hand for Germany - restrictions on time prevent me from publishing all of it in this update, but meanwhile we have published the following for Bavaria: Thursday 28 June England - Cornwall: Scotland - new page with photos added and list updated with a new conversion for First Glasgow. Many thanks to all contributors of news items, photos and information for other countries and operators, these will be published as soon as possible.

New Country List added for Cambodia , a bus has been exported there from England as a promotional vehicle for a brewery company. Poland - new list added for an unidentified dealer in Warsaw. Buses renumbered at Southern Vectis, Newport Island Breezers fleet , with buses garaged at Newport; new list added for Southern Vectis at Shanklin with one bus correctly allocated there.

United States of America - Arizona: Scotland - list removed for Wilson of Gourock Glasgow City Tour , Glasgow, following the fire at the depot in June , the surviving bus was sold to a dealer and the others scrapped. Ecuador - three buses added and list updated for buses at Guayquil Vision, Guayquil. Stagecoach East Midlands , Skegness, and to be added to the Scrapped list later. Hungary - list updated for Big Bus Sightseeing, Budapest. Many thanks to all who have contributed information and updates via The Open Top Bus Group and our contact e-mail address.

All reports are gratefully received. Hungary - list added with new buses for a new sightseeing operation by Big Bus Sightseeing, Budapest. Please have a look and let us know if you can provide any more details on any of these buses. Tuesday 17 April England: Devon - the three separate lists for buses at Winkleigh have been merged into one list of buses owned by separate parties and kept at the premises of West of England Transport Collection, Winkleigh.

London - several buses removed from the list for The Big Bus Company, London, because they have been withdrawn for preparation for use in other locations outside of the UK, and we will add these to the correct locations when they become known; also a number of buses from the same fleet have been withdrawn and sold for scrap. Oxfordshire - new list added for Mr. Hamer private , Oxford. Following the fire at Wilson of Gourock Glasgow City Tour , Glasgow, in June , the operator has ceased trading by April , and the surviving open top bus has been sold to Blythswood dealer , Glasgow.

The subsequent fate of the buses that were destroyed by the fire is not yet known to us, and so they are still listed under the Wilson heading.

If you can provide any details of their fate, please contact us. Some of the details are sparse, and there are probably more buses here, so as usual, any more information is gratefully received; new list added for new to our records Donosti Tour, San Sebastian.

Likewise, there are probably more buses here. Wednesday 11 April The start of the Summer season in the northern hemisphere brings a flurry of activity.

Cumbria - list updated for Stagecoach North West, Windermere. Devon - list updated for D. More information to come soon. Sunday 1 April England: London - twenty new Ankai buses ordered by The Big Bus Company, London, are believed to have been all delivered by now, being ten part open-top and ten fully open-top vehicles.

We don't have any more details of the actual buses yet, and welcome more information on these please. We do not yet know if all of the buses listed previously under the York Pullman heading have transferred to Transdev York, and what their operating intentions are, as Transdev York already operates open top buses in York.

Meantime, the York Pullman Bus Company list is retained under the new heading, until we can establish what the current situation is. If you have any information on any subsequent happenings in this fleet, please contact us. Northamptonshire - list corrected for Mike Fuller, Rushden bus privately owned, on loan, and not available for hire ; and list for David Cooper, Towcester, now correctly listed as A Route 2 Hire, and the bus is available for hire.

We are still looking to identify the remaining two buses. Can anyone help please? Thursday 1 March Argentina: Cumbria - two buses removed from Lillyhall Works, after conversion to part open top, and added to the list for Stagecoach North West at Keswick buses allocated to Carlisle depot and outstationed at Penrith , and expected to be used for Keswick - Seatoller Service East Yorkshire - tree lopper removed from list for East Yorkshire Motor Services, Hull, bus sold for scrap and will be added to the Scrapped list later.

Wednesday 1 February Argentina: If you can help identify their current whereabouts, please contact us. Berlin - previous identity updated for one bus at Berlin City Tour, Berlin. Madrid - new list added for Madrid City Tours, and notes added regarding the withdrawal of the fleet of Madrid Vision, please see the notes attached to the lists for these operators for requests for assistance. Sunday 1 January England: Thursday 1 December England: Priddle private , Farnham.

Thursday 24 November England: Devon - list added for Cowdery, Kingsteignton bus kept at Winkleigh ; list removed for Stagecoach Devon at Torbay, the three Scanias previously listed there are believed to have been sold some time ago, and added to the Check list.

The Check list has been republished as a whole to reflect all of the recent additions and deletions to it affected by changes to other lists. Some of these buses may also still be listed on the Check page as they have now been identified as scrapped, and that page will be republished soon, and also because some buses have moved onto that list. Tuesday 8 November Belgium: Dorset - new list added for Shamrock Buses, Poole. City Sightseeing Kft, Budapest acquisition did not take place.

Wednesday 26 October England: Also, a few page layout errors have been corrected so all pages should now display properly again. Monday 24 October England: Devon - new list added for D. Shears private , Bideford. Tuesday 18 October Czech Republic: Monday 17 October Czech Republic: Following another geography lesson, the buses on the island of Gozo are now listed on the Malta page; one bus added and a few updates to the list for Lepeirks Travel Gozo Sightseeing , Victoria; the City Sightseeing Malta tour operation passed from Garden of Eden Garage, Ghaxaq, to Captain Morgan Cruises, Sliema, in April , so the list has been altered accordingly under the Captain Morgan Cruises heading; several buses remain with Garden of Eden Garage as a dealer buses for sale , so these are now in their own list under the Garden of Eden Garage heading; three new buses added for Supreme Travel Limited, Zetjun now correctly named, formerly Cancu Supreme Travel; two new buses added to the list for Oasis Tours, St.

Paul's Bay; list added for new operator Island Sightseeing, location not yet identified, so more information needed please. Florida - new list with five buses added for the new Big Bus Company sightseeing tour at Miami, and corresponding lists amended for their previous owners.

Illinois - list added for Lincoln Spring Resort, Ashmore. This bus is possibly now scrapped so confirmation of its status is required please. Pennsylvania - new list added for Philadelphia Sightseeing Inc. Tuesday 11 October Egypt: Current registration number identified for one bus at Entercity Sightseeing Tours, Alexandria. Hawaii - two new operator lists added, but with little detail. These are some that we need help with please. Monday 10 October Belgium: These will be dealt with individually again at a later date.

Wednesday 14 September Several updates for England - Avon: Tuesday 13 September England - East Sussex: Wednesday 7 September England - Avon: Northern Ireland - one bus added to list for City Sightseeing Belfast. We have more information to update and publish soon, following a visit to Germany by one of our team. Monday 25 July Canada: Hampshire - convertible bus with Morton's Coaches, Basingstoke, now with roof removed, repainted and numbered, ex-previous owner's livery.

New country page added for Cuba - we have been sent information on the buses of Transtur at Varedero, so new list added. New page added for Ecuador - one bus known to be at Guayaquil with Guayaquil Vision.

Are there any more there? Peru - new operator and list added for Arequipa Sightseeing, Arequipa. Hungary - one bus CJH V added to the list for the unidentified tour operator in Budapest mentioned yesterday, and the list for The Bus Works, Lancashire , England previous owner , removed because that was the only bus on that list. Monday 11 July Germany: Other details added throughout the page.

More information has come to my notice just before this page was published, and I have decided to publish what is known to me in Germany so far. Other updates will of course follow when more detail is known.

The only connection with Totally Transport is that is where the offside door conversion rebuild work was done before the buses were shipped to Hungary. Thursday 7 July Page updated for France: Wednesday 6 July England: London - some buses' layouts changed to 'PO??

F' at Golden Tours, London, pending clarification of number of seats fitted. Two more buses added to the list for City Sightseeing Milano. New operator fleet list added for Krakow Tour Bus, Krakow sightseeing tours ; new operator fleet list added for Fovilim, Warsaw private hire operator. One bus added for City Sightseeing Espana S.

Monday 4 July England: Cheshire - new entity and list added for Earls Limousines, Moore, near Chester. Gloucestershire - new entity and one bus added for Hayes Catering Limited, Gloucester mobile restaurant.

London - new entity and fleet list added for Golden Tours, London; and one bus added for London General. Norfolk - new entity and one bus added for Alfresco Concepts exhibition unit at King's Lynn, Norfolk. This is the bus previously listed as 'Unidentified Owner' in Hampshire.

Monday 27 June England: North Yorkshire - liveries corrected for most buses at York Pullman, York. England Counties page - list tidied up. New operator and vehicle detail added for City Sightseeing Inverness. Thursday 2 June An adjustment to the page for Lancashire , England: This was the only bus listed for Cleveland so that page has been removed.

New operator details and one bus added for Roselyn Coaches, Par. Operator and location of KUC P identified. Buses recently sold remove from Ensign list. Details added for several buses in the Ensignbus operational fleet. New single deck bus conversion added for Southern Vectis at Shanklin. New operator and bus added for HE Services, Strood area. Owner details and one bus added for S. Brooker, private owners, Maidstone.

Helen's, moved to Merseyside page from Lancashire previously recorded in wrong county. More details added for Premium Tours, London. Details for City Sightseeing Southport removed as the tour is not running this year and the bus has probably returned to Liverpool. Details and bus added for R. Follwell private , Stableford, Bridgnorth. Details and bus added for an unidentified operator.

Buses previously listed on the Sicily page, for Palermo, are now included on the Italy list. Also, more details have been added for the bus at Heartware Network previouly listed as "Unidentified Operator" in Singapore City.

Also, the Channel Islands page has been updated, with only Jersey Bus Tours as an operator of open top buses there, unless of course someone knows better. These buses will be added to the China page at its next update. Singapore also updated with many gaps in data now populated.

Many thanks to Paul McNamara for the information for these pages, and to all others who have contacted us recently with updates still to be published. A few tweaks also have been made to hopefully remove the 'corrupted' screens that have appeared across the whole website recently. Thursday 14 April Data for buses in the United States of America made up to date, as far as I have been notified. The USA page has been divided into pages for each State to make it easier to read, and easier for me to update, rather than having all locations and operators on one website page.

Wednesday 23 March Updates for England: Tuesday 22 March Updates for England: Gloucestershire - London Bus Export Co. Tuesday 1 March Data for buses in England made up to date, as far as I have been notified. The England page has been divided into county and metropolitan areas to make it easier to read, and certainly easier to update, rather than having hundreds of operators and their lists all on one website page.

Also, a few updates to the Channel Islands , Scotland and Wales pages. Tuesday 10 August Pages updated for Scotland. Motortrend - Ben Timmins writer June 27, BMW is recalling all X5 xDrive35d models for power steering belt tensioner issues. The Affinia Group is recalling aftermarket front suspension lower ball joints for the Acura…. Motortrend - Erick Ayapana writer May 3, Acura's TL is now into its third generation, but it wasn't until the latest rendition that its German competitors and many U.

For , Acura treated its always capable but blandly styled volume-selling sedan to a redesign that had most of our staff wondering if an Italian design house had penned the sheetmetal. Get more info from Acura. X Newsletter Sign Up. I prefer to receive internal offers and promotions.